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Performing Arts

You may not think that the performing arts have a lot to do with business, writing or training. However, the applicable skills are legion. The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from performing, from writing for performance, for directing others, for producing a complex show, are all skills that can help you. As my articles at Suite 101, my career in teaching the arts in schools, working in children’s theatre, arts reviews in papers, writing and producing drama, directing musicals and plays all show – I love the performing arts! My first article for the Norfolk edition of Places & Faces Magazine (May 2011) was an interview with co-founder and artistic director of Eastern Angles Theatre, Ivan Cutting. I made some suggestions to Thalia Theatre group in Norwich to see if there are ways … Read entire article »

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Other Links

A few random links with sites of interest to me. Well, mainly my family and friends working hard making something of themselves in life and online…. Modernhood: my son’s niche website. Bethany Maddison: Sam and Laura’s bespoke and homemade accessories. … Read entire article »

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Troubleshooting From the Hips

You may have seen the TV drama (New Tricks) about retired senior police officers helping current squads unearth cold cases, old evidence from the perspective of their long years of experience? You may have noted in October 2010 that the Leeds Building Society recruited a retired A-level English teacher to give English lessons to their staff in basic and/or business English. There is nothing wrong with tapping into the deep wells of experience. The pushing back of retirement ages means at last that older people are being recognised as sources of knowledge, understanding, people management skills, ideas, energy, left-field thinking and historical perspectives the modern world cannot afford to scrap. I have a pool of people I can call on for troubleshooting, new ways of doing things, thinking outside (without neglecting what’s … Read entire article »

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Trouble with your writing? Know what you want to say, but it isn’t quite there yet? Need a quick check on something you have drafted so it hits the mark? I have worked on editing the writing of others in many ways for years. I have been an English and Performing Arts examiner; as a teacher  of teenagers, and helping businesses upgrade the quality of their written English. An example of a book I helped to edit, October 2010, is From the Inside Out, published October 2010 by lastwordpublications. I have edited websites for businesses, like this one at The Upper Room. I am working on a book currently being written by a well-known East Anglian entrepreneur, bringing together some fascinating tales of his family and business lives.  Publication probably in late 2012. Got a … Read entire article »

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Publicity and PR

People often go on about the oxygen of publicity. Indeed to some celebrities and politicians, publicity is their oxygen. However, not all publicity is necessarily good. It depends on circumstances, timing and what you actually want from heightened public interest. Having said that, does your business or campaign need a lift with the right kind of publicity? A little boost in public perception can work wonders. I have had many years of experience of press releases to the local or national media, calls to journalists, raising awareness of services and skills on offer, highlighting campaigns and issues. From political campaigning to get myself elected, to  business PR and publicity, I have done it. I work with people in local and national companies to highlight profiles, set things straight or engage in pro-active campaigning. This is … Read entire article »

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No matter how old you are, there are times when you need advice. A friendly assurance or word of warning, of course. But in business, it may be for something quite specific. Or a member of your staff could have to be guided to something beyond their normal call of duty. Anybody can be asked to make a presentation, say a few words of thanks or make a formal speech at a wedding, funeral or event. They sometimes need help to write something, a particular report or letter. Younger people in particular who had no formal grammatical training, can benefit themselves and their employers. I am used to inspiring confidence through relationship training to build skills to help natural performance shine through. I am comfortable teaching, guiding and mentoring through the written … Read entire article »

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Ever been in need of an anchor for a complex presentation? Someone to chair a discussion that is being used as a training tool? What about hosting your awards evening? Need a compere for a charity event you are involved in? I can act as Master of Ceremonies, compere at awards, chair conferences, discussions and interviews. I can be anchorman in a variety of public and media based settings. I can write a script and help guide others to do compering. … Read entire article »

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Public Speaking

Do you need a speaker at your event? Do you need some help with your own public speaking? Are you filled with terror at the idea of speaking out in public? Is it holding you back in your work? your social life? I can help on either or both counts. From the House of Commons to the Royal Albert Hall, from a congressional breakfast in Washington DC to campaign meetings, protests, public meetings in school and village halls, on the streets, Christian and business meetings and dinners and breakfasts, Rotary lunches/dinners, weddings and funerals: my public speaking experience is wide. Whatever the occasion, I aim to strike the right note with appropriate humour, anecdotes and experiences from my richly varied life, or research thoroughly to speak on new ground. I can speak at many … Read entire article »

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Online and Web Writing

Online writing, whether as blog, webpage text or articles is an increasingly specialised form of the art of writing. The issue of keywords and search engine optimization is only part of it. The need for different layouts, approaches and strategies from paper-based writing is becoming ever more acute. Besides contributing articles to Suite 101, an online international magazine on a wide variety of topics, I have also published some work at The 11 Songs That Should Be On The Boat That Rocked, 11 Studios to Rival Abbey Road, A-Z of Bob Dylan , The 13 Essential Bob Dylan Albums A-Z of Folk Music, Jimi Hendrix, 11 Reasons Why The Yardbirds Were the Greatest Rock Cradle Ever and an in-person interview with Duane Eddy are on-line as examples of web writing that … Read entire article »

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Articles at Suite 101

Sometimes in business, an article placed in a timely or well-thought out place is helpful in promotion or explaining issues and policies. Articles for in-house or customer publications are frequently needed. Suite 101 is an international online magazine. I have published over 160 articles on things as diverse as British and international politics, the work of Parliament, the performing arts, film, theatre, pop music, psychology, sociology, current affairs, drama teaching, writing in/for theatre. I have been in the top 10% of most visited articles at Suite 101 for months. Three of my articles to date have won Editor’s Choice Awards for being quality examples of online writing. I write online out of my many interests, but I have also previously written and edited school newspapers, client publications for a residential housing company, … Read entire article »

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