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Troubleshooting From the Hips

Troubleshooting: just one of the available services

You may have seen the TV drama (New Tricks) about retired senior police officers helping current squads unearth cold cases, old evidence from the perspective of their long years of experience? You may have noted in October 2010 that the Leeds Building Society recruited a retired A-level English teacher to give English lessons to their staff in basic and/or business English.

There is nothing wrong with tapping into the deep wells of experience. The pushing back of retirement ages means at last that older people are being recognised as sources of knowledge, understanding, people management skills, ideas, energy, left-field thinking and historical perspectives the modern world cannot afford to scrap.

I have a pool of people I can call on for troubleshooting, new ways of doing things, thinking outside (without neglecting what’s inside) the box and coming up with different ways of doing things. Give me a call!

I am working with numbers of people in their 50s and older who have experience to offer all kinds of businesses and individuals. Society cannot afford to ignore the collective hard learning of older people. Older people still have a real contribution to make.

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The Box

You can communicate effectively…!

David Porter Communications
with the Human Touch

The Box

where experience counts

Human Communication is the Name of my Game

A service to business and individuals in need of confidence building, trouble shooting, problem solving, public speaking, report/letter writing, quality written web content, editing, event enabling, voice-overs, third way and lateral thinking.

I work with others rich in life’s experiences:

We think outside the box.
But we don’t neglect what’s already inside the box, too

Whatever your problem, we can help
We can do it for you, or work with you
We can talk to people for or with you
We facilitate
We teach you or your staff the know-how from writing English to speaking it
We organise, arrange, plan, question
We come up with blue sky thinking
We brain storm for or with you.

What’s in the Box?

I lead a team of older, wiser, widely experienced people from business, education, public sector, arts and sports worlds running this unique service to help you and keep our brains lively.

Research from the University of Texas (Aug 2011) found that older people are more adept at strategic decisions which take the future into account than younger people. Decision-making ability doesn’t decline with age (60-80). On the contrary, the more experience of life and challenges, the better you are at them!

After years of work in many and varied fields, we have learned skills in solving problems, decision making, team building, motivation, performing, writing in all genres, approaching people/situations and brick-wall tackling.

Sometimes the solution to a problem lies in your mind already, it just needs bringing out.

An idea needs a nudge, people need to be brought together, writing needs to be done, presentations made, documents edited, events set in motion, publicity planned in local media and on line, people briefed and records correctly kept.
Your staff might need specialised training that is outside your field, including spelling, punctuation and grammar or spoken presentation..
You might need a starting point for a vision, a project or a dream.

Lift the Box lid and see the light!

David Porter, former Member of Parliament, English and drama teacher and head of Performing Arts in secondary education, political organiser, experience in public speaking/performing, writing on line and off, editing, trouble shooting and examining/assessing.


Check out my self-published novel and short stories.

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