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That Is All You Need to Know

That Is All You Need to Know Idle Motion at Norwich Playhouse Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 30 September 2014 With strong visual staging, young theatre group Idle Motion brought a tribute to the secrets of the wartime Code and Cipher unit at Bletchley Park to Norwich. Using physicality, clever projections to move events and multiroling, the cast explored the significance of the ground-breaking thinking which helped end the war. That Is All You Need to Know summed up the philosophy that ‘careless talk costs lives’ which stayed with many Bletchley workers for decades after. In our instant click-and-share world that seems astonishing. The considered and thoughtful piece told the story in Brecht-influenced docu-drama style of how code-breaking teams were put together, including Gordon Welchman whose book was later frowned upon by the security … Read entire article »

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Aspects of Love

Aspects of Love The Lowestoft Players at the Bethel   Review published in Eastern Daily Press 6 September 2014 and Lowestoft Journal 12 September 2014 Always pushing boundaries, the Lowestoft Players have excelled themselves with this Andrew Lloyd Webber gem. They are staging the Suffolk premiere at their own Bethel theatre, harnessing some of the finest talent in the region. Stephen Wilson and Louise Clarke direct masterfully. Far from a classic love story, it’s a triangle of relationships which expand to include others in a tale very much of the late 1980s, yet timeless in its treatment of the hopes, yearnings and uncertainties of love. Love Changes Everything is the show-stopper and the motif that underpins the score. Matthew Hardy does a tremendous job on piano and the music is seamless. Craig Loxton as the romantic soldier, … Read entire article »

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