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Sister Act

Sister Act from the Lowestoft Players

Sister Act from the Lowestoft Players

Sister Act at the Lowestoft Players at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 9 June 2016 and the Lowestoft Journal, 17 June 2016

Sister Act, the hit film-inspired musical, is the perfect vehicle for the Lowestoft Players’ summer show with its high energy, implausible story line that lends itself to daft comedy antics, rocky music and unadulterated fun.

It’s a team triumph for the multi-award winning Players who grab its opportunities with both hands from directors and principals to chorus/ensemble, from musicians and stage crew to the terrific dance routines, some based on Motown.

Lauren Nevill beats the challenge of the gangster’s moll who, while seeking sanctuary in a nunnery, sets the church on fire with her singing and racy ways. Judi Mars is the perfect straitlaced Mother Superior.

Hoodlum Jimmy Atkin’s sidekicks (Ian Carter, Dave Evans and Tom Holt) are hilarious. Cameos from veterans Deanne Dickson as a nun and Stephen Wilson as a monsignor are perfectly shaped. Cop Stephen Clark’s torch song is a classic.

In an ever-increasing riot of colour, the nuns’ chorus is fabulous with Beth Lewis standing out with her explosive energy and Issy Anderson as the dynamic postulant.

We are blessed that the Players make such a habit of performing brilliantly!

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3 Responses to "Sister Act"

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Mr Porter

    One of your ex pupils here, Andrew Cooper.
    Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed Sister Act aswell, my close friend Jackie Darby(nee Stocks) was in it.
    Thought it verged on the professional quality.
    Oh and by the way, your Wikipedia is wrong….
    “Before going into parliament he was a drama teacher at Kirkley High School”
    I object strongly to this slander against one of my favourite former teachers!!!!

    Hope all is well


    1. David Porter says:

      Thanks, Andrew. I’ll have a look at the Wikipedia entry. It was Benjamin Britten High School before politics and Kirkley High School after!

      Best wishes

  2. Peter says:

    Hi, I found your name in relation to a 1970 Norwich arts venture called The Chapel. I have just published a first draft article on it and the Meristem festival on my website:
    The David Porter Theatre Company debut was with two plays:
    “Your Moods” – a play with a mirror and two characters called “Sunshine and Moonshine”? and “The Beach Map”.
    I am also working on a piece about Snoo Wilson.
    Would you care to read and comment? I would welcome any memories.
    Thanks, Peter