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Man is Man

Man is Man Theatre Paradisum, at the Norwich Playhouse Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 21st January 2010 ‘Tonight you are going to see a man reassembled like a car; leaving all his individual components just as they are…’ No surprises with Brecht. The message is always spelled out. This is the tale of a simple worker bribed with beer and cigars to take another drunkard’s place in a machine-gun troop and is deliberately turned into a happy killer. It’s also about knowing your identity. Against the  backdrop of  global conflicts today, it’s relevant and timely. The young all-female cast (another neatly Brechtian angle) tackle it with gusto and obvious relish, demonstrating the characters as Brecht demanded. Theatre Paradisum are building a credible Brechtian expertise and this early but substantial piece from the master’s extensive catalogue … Read entire article »

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Dracula Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich Review published in the Eastern Daily Press,  16 January 2010 On a grim, dark winter night with the current interest in vampires from Twilight films and books, this is an apt and weirdly appealing new piece from the Sewell Barn. Surprisingly, from the pens of John Godber and Jane Thornton, it’s not a rip-roaring belly laugh from start to finish. Those familiar with Teechers, Bouncers and Shakers would expect social comment with ironic twists and multi-roling. Instead we have a serious love story – centred in the horror genre with bits of mock philosophy and the power of evil thrown in. The company tackle it with energy, slowly raising temperature as Dracula’s passion for young women, the almost sexual pleasure both receive from his deadly kiss, emerges. Peter Daniel is the impressive, irresistible Dracula, while the aptly named David Blood is … Read entire article »

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