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The Contract Marriage Nollywood Movie

The Nigerian film industry affectionately known as Nollywood has had a tremendous impact on the African film scene, producing countless films that have captivated audiences worldwide. One of such movies that has gained significant popularity is the Contract Marriage.

Released in 2018, the Contract Marriage is a beautiful love story that showcases the significance of true love amidst societal pressures and norms. The movie stars notable actors such as the award-winning actress, Ini Edo, and notable male actor, Mike Ezuruonye.

The plot of the Contract Marriage revolves around a young woman, Jasmine, who, under societal pressure, decides to enter into a contract marriage to preserve her wealthy family`s reputation. She agrees to have a sham marriage with her childhood friend, Marcus, with the pretence that they have been secretly dating for several years.

However, as the plot unravels, it becomes evident that Marcus has harboured a secret love for Jasmine, and it gradually develops into a genuine feeling as the movie progresses.

Several aspects of the Contract Marriage make it an intriguing movie worthy of attention. One of such aspects is the exceptional performance by the cast. The lead actors, Ini Edo and Mike Ezuruonye, deliver an outstanding performance that brings their characters` emotions and motivations to life.

Additionally, the Contract Marriage`s plot tackles an essential theme in contemporary societies, especially in Nigeria, where societal expectations, pressures, and norms can affect personal decisions. This theme resonates with many viewers, making the Contract Marriage a relatable and engaging movie.

Furthermore, the movie`s director, Ikechukwu Onyeka, deserves kudos for his excellent work in bringing the movie to life. The movie`s cinematography and sound quality also contribute significantly to the overall success of the movie.

In conclusion, the Contract Marriage is an excellent Nollywood movie that showcases the beauty of love amidst societal pressures and norms. The movie`s cast, plot, and directorial work make it a must-watch for movie enthusiasts and lovers of African films.

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