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Indiana Divorce without Agreement

Are you considering a divorce in Indiana but are unable to come to an agreement with your spouse? Don`t worry, you still have options. In Indiana, a divorce without an agreement is also known as a contested divorce. This means that the spouses are unable to agree on the terms of the divorce, such as property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support. The first step in a contested divorce is to file a petition with the court. This petition will outline the grounds for the divorce, such as irreconcilable differences or adultery. The other spouse will then be served with the petition and will have the opportunity to file a response with the court. Once the divorce is filed, the court may require both parties to attend mediation. This is a … Read entire article »

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Questions on Subject Verb Agreement Class 8

Subject-verb agreement is a significant grammar concept that students must learn in their early years of education. When composing sentences, it is critical to maintain proper subject-verb agreement to ensure consistency, clarity, and coherence. In class 8, students are expected to have a solid grasp of subject-verb agreement and be able to identify and correct common errors. Here are some frequently asked questions that are essential for students to understand: 1. What is subject-verb agreement? Subject-verb agreement refers to the agreement between the grammatical subject and the verb in a sentence. The verb must agree with the subject in terms of number (singular or plural) and person (first, second, or third). 2. What are some common errors in subject-verb agreement? One of the most common errors is when the verb does not agree with the … Read entire article »

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