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Finding Joy

Vamos Theatre, at the Maddermarket, Norwich Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 15 July 2013 A timely tale – Finding Joy – of an old lady, daughter and grandson was turned into an original, moving piece of theatre that ‘looked beyond the dementia to the person’. Directed by Rachael Savage, four superb actors in masks by Russell Dean played eight slightly exaggerated stereotypical but absorbing and believable characters. We laughed at their actions, cried at the sadness of the hospital ward and gulped as we realised the truths they’d observed and portrayed about aging and caring. There was age-confusion and generational differences. She was not as daft as people thought she was, never parted from her handbag but used toothpaste as hand cream. The youth gently putting his grandmother to bed was touching; the mother’s … Read entire article »

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Tubular Bells For Two

Norwich Playhouse Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 8 July 2013 To every generation, there is given a classic album which becomes iconic, a voice for its age. And in 1973 there was Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. A pair of highly talented Australian musicians, Aidan Roberts and Daniel Holdsworth, recreate the 30 musical elements that Oldfield originally recorded one at a time and overdubbed. Remastered, developed and used in films and the Olympic ceremony last year, this multi-layered, polyphonic masterpiece more than stands the test of time. With the benefits of state-of-the-art keyboards and surrounded by carefully placed instruments, the nimble, barefoot players leaped around a stage choreography picking up one for a sequence, then another, singing, editing as they went. The acoustic, bass, electric, Spanish and fuzz guitars were there, with multi-timbral synthesiser, Lowry … Read entire article »

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