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Trouble with your writing? Know what you want to say, but it isn’t quite there yet? Need a quick check on something you have drafted so it hits the mark?

I have worked on editing the writing of others in many ways for years. I have been an English and Performing Arts examiner; as a teacher  of teenagers, and helping businesses upgrade the quality of their written English.

An example of a book I helped to edit, October 2010, is From the Inside Out, published October 2010 by lastwordpublications.

I have edited websites for businesses, like this one at The Upper Room.

I am working on a book currently being written by a well-known East Anglian entrepreneur, bringing together some fascinating tales of his family and business lives.  Publication probably in late 2012.

Got a draft of some content you want on the web, or a report you need to publish for clients? Let me have a look at it, edit and polish up the English so it is effective and correct.

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