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Performing Arts

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You may not think that the performing arts have a lot to do with business, writing or training. However, the applicable skills are legion. The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from performing, from writing for performance, for directing others, for producing a complex show, are all skills that can help you.

As my articles at Suite 101, my career in teaching the arts in schools, working in children’s theatre, arts reviews in papers, writing and producing drama, directing musicals and plays all show – I love the performing arts!

My first article for the Norfolk edition of Places & Faces Magazine (May 2011) was an interview with co-founder and artistic director of Eastern Angles Theatre, Ivan Cutting.

I made some suggestions to Thalia Theatre group in Norwich to see if there are ways forward to build audiences and secure sustained funding for some of their incredible projects. I have worked with schools to produce a variety of projects. More to come! I am a Vice President of the Lowestoft Players. The performing arts offer so much. They can help you, too, even if only to spread your enjoyment.

For drama teaching, I have a number of plays written for working to performance with teenagers. I am looking to publish these as e-plays soon, or possibly as devising grids, with full outlines and character profiles, so that enterprising students can improvise through the outlines and arrive at a performance. Watch this space!

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