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Ideas for articles all the time!

Sometimes in business, an article placed in a timely or well-thought out place is helpful in promotion or explaining issues and policies. Articles for in-house or customer publications are frequently needed.

Suite 101 is an international online magazine. I have published over 160 articles on things as diverse as British and international politics, the work of Parliament, the performing arts, film, theatre, pop music, psychology, sociology, current affairs, drama teaching, writing in/for theatre. I have been in the top 10% of most visited articles at Suite 101 for months. Three of my articles to date have won Editor’s Choice Awards for being quality examples of online writing.

I write online out of my many interests, but I have also previously written and edited school newspapers, client publications for a residential housing company, a customer newsletter for a carpet retail outlet. All experience is useful, and nothing is ever wasted in bringing things together to make something interesting and relevant for today.

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