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Public Speaking

David Porter

Do you need a speaker at your event?

Do you need some help with your own public speaking? Are you filled with terror at the idea of speaking out in public? Is it holding you back in your work? your social life?

I can help on either or both counts.

From the House of Commons to the Royal Albert Hall, from a congressional breakfast in Washington DC to campaign meetings, protests, public meetings in school and village halls, on the streets, Christian and business meetings and dinners and breakfasts, Rotary lunches/dinners, weddings and funerals: my public speaking experience is wide. Whatever the occasion, I aim to strike the right note with appropriate humour, anecdotes and experiences from my richly varied life, or research thoroughly to speak on new ground.

I can speak at many kinds of events. I can help others to overcome nerves to speak at a wide variety of settings. I have trained people for public performance, I have mentored and guided many to achieve their best with confidence and effectiveness.

Linked with the writing services, it may be you just need a speech, or speech outline. I am happy to speak for you, but the need to train others to speak up is paramount in all walks of life.

Just get in touch. Let’s talk.

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