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Driving on the Left is Natural or Just a Historical Hangover

There appears to be no definitive answer as to why Great Britain and 73 other countries drive on the left-hand side of the road, while all others go right. One theory is that it began with the Romans, who ordered horse-drawn chariots to travel on the left, so the whip hand, right for most men was away from pedestrians at the side. Cart ruts have been found in a former Roman quarry near Swindon, England which support the view – light carts going in on the left, heavy carts out the other side. However, that doesn’t explain why Britain kept left after the Romans went away, while other lands now drive right, including Italy. History of Jousting Supports the Right-Hand Drive Theory A variant theory … Read entire article »

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Traffic Report 4 – Humps

Just back from the garage, having been towed by the ever-helpful RAC. I’m hundreds poorer. The problem? Both coil springs gone. Why? I’m told that modern, lightweight cars are unable to cope with increasing pot holes and excessive speed humps, the so-called ‘sleeping policemen’. Let’s leave aside the poor quality of so many roads, repaired in grudging fits and starts by overburdened taxpayers generally getting very little for their road/fuel/repair taxes. Yes, pot holes play their part in racking cars, but It’s speed humps that cause the greatest damage. The theory, like so much in our world, is that traffic-calming by dangerous obstructions are a good idea. They slow traffic in residential and school areas, since patently some people refuse to obey speed limits by signs and cameras. If I there is proof … Read entire article »

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Once Seen as Sinister, Left-Handedness is Now All Right

US President Obama, is the world’s most prominent current sinistral writer. Centuries ago, left-hand writing was frowned upon and discouraged. Sinister, (evil or menacing), comes from the Latin word sinestra, meaning left. It was therefore a short step for people to believe left-handedness was devilish.Today, there are many derogatory terms to describe left-handedness, from southpaw (often in sport) to goofy in the US and cack-handed in Britain. To describe someone as ‘out-in-left-field’ (from the world of baseball) is to mean they come out with something unrelated to what is happening around them; a bit crazy. The implication of clumsiness can be hurtful, although people who use their left hand as the stronger one do live in a world filled with right-handed machines, gadgets … Read entire article »

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