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Betrayal (Foolhardy Theatre)

Betrayal by Foolhardy Theatre at Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft This review of Betrayal was commissioned by the Eastern Daily Press, but not used by them for an unexplained reason, February 2016 To experience Pinter’s mini-masterpiece Betrayal in the intimacy of the Seagull Theatre is to relish the sharpness of his writing, the acute observation and interlocking of his characters and universal yet comic truths about people. Inspired by his own affair with Joan Bakewell, the play starts at the finale of a couple’s long term adulterous relationship and travels back through snapshot scenes to the exciting beginning – a powerful device that reveals subtleties in the characters. The high-class actors are a tight team. Abi Watson as the wife balances her life, love and career in a mature way that is written across her face throughout. … Read entire article »

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The Lover

Foolhardy Actors Company at Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 25 September 2012 Harold Pinter’s little-performed early play seeps realistic-unreality, comic irony and nervy menace from ordinary life. Will Isgrove directed Sharn McDonald and Thom Bailey masterfully playing the outwardly sophisticated couple relishing erotic games to enliven their marriage. Their daily fantasy is that she entertains an afternoon lover while he goes to work and meets a whore. Then the husband tires of inventing roleplays and wants to stop, but she doesn’t. He then switches back to pretending the adultery, as the relationship becomes more intense, repressive and strangely intimate. The piece is a measured roller-coaster of tangled emotion, with early hints of pause and ear for natural, circular dialogue that later made Pinter famous. … Read entire article »

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Open Space Theatre Company, Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 14 May 2012 and East Anglian Daily Times, 15 May 2012. Open Space push at yet another boundary with Harold Pinter’s infrequently performed slow dance round the memories of shared guilt, secrets and lies. Rich with the circular dialogue of life, the three-hander play exposes the deceits embedded in the relationships between a man, his wife and his best friend over years. Much of the narrative goes backwards in time as the pain and shallowness are unpacked. Darren France is good as the friend/lover. Stephen Picton is excellent as the less than pure husband. Cathy Gill is just outstanding as the wife and mistress, juggling the men with her family but paying a high emotional price for her deceptions. David Green … Read entire article »

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