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Betrayal (Foolhardy Theatre)

Betrayal by
Foolhardy Theatre at Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft

This review of Betrayal was commissioned by the Eastern Daily Press, but not used by them for an unexplained reason, February 2016

To experience Pinter’s mini-masterpiece Betrayal in the intimacy of the Seagull Theatre is to relish the sharpness of his writing, the acute observation and interlocking of his characters and universal yet comic truths about people.

Inspired by his own affair with Joan Bakewell, the play starts at the finale of a couple’s long term adulterous relationship and travels back through snapshot scenes to the exciting beginning – a powerful device that reveals subtleties in the characters.

The high-class actors are a tight team. Abi Watson as the wife balances her life, love and career in a mature way that is written across her face throughout. Andy Wisher is her slightly bumptious husband, a man under no illusions about people and betrayal.

Jonny Goddard, the lover and best, oldest friend of the husband appears to feel no guilt, yet no action in life is without a price.

Director William Isgrove brings out the comic, tragic complexities of three adults in a world we briefly understand, or we think we do.

Foolhardy Theatre have a reputation for quality, thoughtful theatre and this confirms it.


NOTE: Previous review of Betrayal at the Seagull Theatre was by Open Space Theatre (2012).

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