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Martyn Joseph

Martyn Joseph at St George’s, Great Yarmouth Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 30 November 2012 The revamped St George’s Theatre in Great Yarmouth is not only a shiny new additional performance venue for our region, it’s a brilliant space. Recently opened with a wide variety of events, this one brightened a bleakly wet and windy night with contemporary folk at its best, perfectly suited acoustically to the soaring space. Talented eighteen year old Luke Jackson opened with his own take on traditional folk narrative in his unique and exciting voice. He’s one to watch for the future. Headline act was Martyn Joseph, who brought his eclectic mix of mournful tales, self-deprecating humour, clever rhymes and powerful lyrics together with some finger-pointing political commentaries. Having worked with Billy Bragg to celebrate Woody Guthrie’s life, he … Read entire article »

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The Incredible String Band Revisited and Reinterpreted for Today

  One of the more quirky, hard to categorise British 60s bands, ISB were influential as musicians’ musicians. Have they still got a relevant message now? Usually defined as exponents of late 1960s ‘psychedelic folk’, The Incredible String Band (ISB) were called by Making Time, a website resource devoted to compiling an encyclopedia of 60s’ British beat music, early devotees of ‘World Music’. They were eclectic, deriving influences from many genres, cultures and sounds, fusing them with poetry as lyrics. Robert Plant, Billy Connolly, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones were among their fans, and they started as Clive Palmer and Robin Williamson playing in a Scottish folk club in Glasgow. Mike Heron joined to play guitar and record producer Joe Boyd signed them to Elektra label. In 1966 they released their first … Read entire article »

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Folk East

Folk East at The Cut, Halesworth Review published in East Anglian Daily Times,  2 Sept 2011 A dry run for a major folk festival during next year’s August Bank Holiday, Halesworth’s Cut presented acts from the wide range of contemporary folk music during this year’s holiday. The final night started with Bridget Cousins, accomplished on celtic harp, followed by Horses Brawl, a talented pair of versatile craftsmen-musicians, taking fragments from medieval to Swedish. Mike Heron was co-founder of The Incredible String Band, and he brought a new ensemble which included his daughter Georgia, with new songs and a couple of ISB classics from the 1960s, ‘The Tree’ and ‘A Very Cellular Song’. He doesn’t look his 69 years, and his still-inventive music interpreted by talented young performers brought the era and the culture flooding back. … Read entire article »

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Online and Web Writing

Online writing, whether as blog, webpage text or articles is an increasingly specialised form of the art of writing. The issue of keywords and search engine optimization is only part of it. The need for different layouts, approaches and strategies from paper-based writing is becoming ever more acute. Besides contributing articles to Suite 101, an online international magazine on a wide variety of topics, I have also published some work at The 11 Songs That Should Be On The Boat That Rocked, 11 Studios to Rival Abbey Road, A-Z of Bob Dylan , The 13 Essential Bob Dylan Albums A-Z of Folk Music, Jimi Hendrix, 11 Reasons Why The Yardbirds Were the Greatest Rock Cradle Ever and an in-person interview with Duane Eddy are on-line as examples of web writing that … Read entire article »

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