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Folk East

Folk East at The Cut, Halesworth

Review published in East Anglian Daily Times,  2 Sept 2011

A dry run for a major folk festival during next year’s August Bank Holiday, Halesworth’s Cut presented acts from the wide range of contemporary folk music during this year’s holiday.

The final night started with Bridget Cousins, accomplished on celtic harp, followed by Horses Brawl, a talented pair of versatile craftsmen-musicians, taking fragments from medieval to Swedish.

Mike Heron was co-founder of The Incredible String Band, and he brought a new ensemble which included his daughter Georgia, with new songs and a couple of ISB classics from the 1960s, ‘The Tree’ and ‘A Very Cellular Song’.
He doesn’t look his 69 years, and his still-inventive music interpreted by talented young performers brought the era and the culture flooding back. Most of his group were Trembling Bells, a highly-rated contemporary outfit who played with skill, energy and fun at the rock end of the folk spectrum.

The whole evening was a happy mix of traditional genres with experimental styles, fusing cultures and history, and all done lovingly from many instruments. That’s the way new folk is going, and it augurs well for the big event next year.

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