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Loneliness & Isolation: Paradoxes of Today’s Easy Communication

More technological convenience; less personal contact. More computers, less human communication. Is young people’s health in danger by social isolation? Literature has long recognised the problem. John Steinbeck’s 1937 novel, Of Mice and Men, is about the pervasiveness of loneliness and isolation: “a guy gets lonely an’ he gets sick”. In 1959 Alan Sillitoe published The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, about a young man who takes up running to escape dismal home life and bleak prospects. It was made into a movie in 1962. All Ages Can be Isolated and Lonely Neither is it confined to young or old. ‘Julianne’ is one of many lonely hearts mid-lifers who write of their isolation on the internet. She is 41, and has always suffered low self-esteem and confidence, has no partner, no children … Read entire article »

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The Box

You can communicate effectively…! David Porter Communications with the Human Touch The Box where experience counts Human Communication is the Name of my Game A service to business and individuals in need of confidence building, trouble shooting, problem solving, public speaking, report/letter writing, quality written web content, editing, event enabling, voice-overs, third way and lateral thinking. I work with others rich in life’s experiences: We think outside the box. But we don’t neglect what’s already inside the box, too Whatever your problem, we can help We can do it for you, or work with you We can talk to people for or with you We facilitate We teach you or your staff the know-how from writing English to speaking it We organise, arrange, plan, question We come up with blue sky thinking We brain storm for or with you. What’s in the Box? I lead a team of older, … Read entire article »

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