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The 'Forgotten' beach in Suffolk

The ‘Forgotten’ beach in Suffolk

by Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company at the Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 23 April 2016 and The Lowestoft Journal, 29 April 2016

Forgotten is a play about Suffolk poet and ‘self-improver’ George Crabbe, who told tales of the East Anglian coast and its people but who’s been neglected by history.

His major poem Peter Grimes which runs through Crabbe’s creative mind and the play was reworked by Benjamin Britten in his more famous opera, yet it stands as his legacy of fine story-in-verse of the turbulent 1750s to early 1800s in England and beyond.

Stuff of Dreams are a Norfolk-Suffolk based ensemble who offer platforms for new stage writing. Ray Rumsby’s study is a complex, tightly drawn reflection of Crabbe’s style of keenly observing poor people, capturing their tales, personalities and realities of their often brutal lives.

Company founder Cordelia Spence is developing into an innovative and boundary-changing director. She’s served by a talented, versatile cast (Nick Murray Brown, Neve Doyle, Hayley Evenett, Kiara Hawker and Thomas Wingfield) who tackle dozens of parts in exquisite multi-roling.

This atmospheric evening sits us on the beach with Crabbe and his people who deserve not to be forgotten.

Check out Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company site and blogs by the actors in Forgotten.

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