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Risque Zero

Compagnie Galapiat, Gt Yarmouth Hippodrome

part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2013

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 27 May 2013

While contemporary, edgy, experimental, zany circus knows no boundaries, the French seem to have cornered the market.

Risque Zero proved the point. In the great Hippodrome arena this young company of six created a moving, never-the-same, never-static piece of surreal madness with a talented virtuosity that was stunning.

This was not traditional circus in any sense, yet it drew on the traditions of commedia dell’Arte, the Circus of Horrors, the Marquis de Sade and a breathtaking agility that chimed perfectly with the needs of pure entertainment. Mouth ping-pong was totally original.

It explored exciting, escalating risk, so we had scenes involving axes, sledgehammers, darts, knives, fire, explosions, teeterboard, Chinese pole and ring juggling from near the ceiling. None of it was for the faint hearted.

It was about child-like games and pain, vicariously felt by the audience, wincing and gasping and laughing in equal measure.

On top of all that versatility, developed to such a height it looked deceptively easy, they each played outstandingly in the rolling band – guitars, accordion, drums, violin, sax and some mean vocals.

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