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Lowestoft Players Marina Theatre Review published in Lowestoft Journal, 23 May 2014 Multi-award winning Lowestoft Players have revisited an old musical favourite for their latest production, complete with orphans, US President Roosevelt and a dog. 11-year old livewire Annie (Kitty Taylor and Jessica Tovell) is taken from an orphanage to spend Christmas with a billionaire. It’s her opportunity to find her long-lost parents. For him she is the key to a reconnection with humanity. Things don’t turn out as she’d dreamed but it’s still a heartwarming ending when the baddies are caught. The song ‘Tomorrow’ is the best known. The whole show is slick with professional quality commitment from everyone – on stage, orchestra, back stage and front of house. They make the audience feel free to just sit back and enjoy. The company are a good … Read entire article »

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A Christmas Spectacular

Lowestoft Players at The Bethel Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 11 December 2013 This is the season of pantos and Christmas shows and The Lowestoft Players bring their own ‘Thursford’ to the warm intimacy of their theatre building. They have established this spectacular entertainment as an absolute highlight, a traditional Christmas variety with new angles. It embraces the audience in loving arms and sweeps them along in a range of songs, dancing, sketches and readings, each one given the Players’ treatment of quality, style and meaning. The show plays on memories of Christmas past, the child-like innocence of the season while dipping into the catalogue of great Christmas classic melodies to create a feast of pure entertainment. One minute we are laughing, the next we have a lump in the throat. The sequence from … Read entire article »

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Calendar Girls

Lowestoft Players, at The Bethel Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 25 September and Lowestoft Journal 4 October 2013   The well-known story from the film about the real Yorkshire Women’s Institute branch who made a calendar to raise funds for the cancer unit of Skipton hospital, is wonderfully, poignantly told by the Lowestoft Players. Exploiting the intimacy of their own theatre, director Stephen Wilson skilfully puts his lively and very funny women through the well-written script and brings the village community atmosphere truly alive. When the gentle John (Andrew Liddon) dies and the tiny WI branch embraces the risks of posing discretely and tastefully nude for their calendar, we see friendships exposed, often with hurtful truths as well as jovial banter. Judi Mars, Jill Emmerson, Lorna Tucker, Jean Kinkaid, Julia Rymer and Toni Penson … Read entire article »

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