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A Christmas Spectacular

Lowestoft Players at The Bethel

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 11 December 2013

This is the season of pantos and Christmas shows and The Lowestoft Players bring their own ‘Thursford’ to the warm intimacy of their theatre building.

They have established this spectacular entertainment as an absolute highlight, a traditional Christmas variety with new angles.

It embraces the audience in loving arms and sweeps them along in a range of songs, dancing, sketches and readings, each one given the Players’ treatment of quality, style and meaning.

The show plays on memories of Christmas past, the child-like innocence of the season while dipping into the catalogue of great Christmas classic melodies to create a feast of pure entertainment.

One minute we are laughing, the next we have a lump in the throat. The sequence from children of the Louise Elizabeth School of Dance was delicious icing on the cake.

It’s a show where people sit back and enjoy themselves, with an all-age company relishing it fully. Lights, music and staging are magic.

The only difficult thing to remember is that they’re amateurs. Many professionals would love to be in a show as good.

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