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Lowestoft Players

Marina Theatre

Review published in Lowestoft Journal, 23 May 2014

Multi-award winning Lowestoft Players have revisited an old musical favourite for their latest production, complete with orphans, US President Roosevelt and a dog.

11-year old livewire Annie (Kitty Taylor and Jessica Tovell) is taken from an orphanage to spend Christmas with a billionaire. It’s her opportunity to find her long-lost parents. For him she is the key to a reconnection with humanity.

Things don’t turn out as she’d dreamed but it’s still a heartwarming ending when the baddies are caught. The song ‘Tomorrow’ is the best known.

The whole show is slick with professional quality commitment from everyone – on stage, orchestra, back stage and front of house. They make the audience feel free to just sit back and enjoy.

The company are a good mix of different performing experience with boundless energy, focus and commitment who collectively make for a compelling, must-see performance.

The ensemble of children are a delight throughout but the cute little dog steals the show!

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