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The Box

David Porter Communications
with the Human Touch

The Box

where experience counts

Human Communication is the Name of my Game

A service to business and individuals in need of confidence building, trouble shooting, problem solving, public speaking, report/letter writing, quality written web content, editing, event enabling, voice-overs, third way and lateral thinking.

I work with others rich in life’s experiences:

We think outside the box.
But we don’t neglect what’s already inside the box, too

Whatever your problem, we can help
We can do it for you, or work with you
We can talk to people for or with you
We facilitate
We teach you or your staff the know-how from writing English to speaking it
We organise, arrange, plan, question
We come up with blue sky thinking
We brain storm for or with you.

What’s in the Box?

I lead a team of older, wiser, widely experienced people from business, education, public sector, arts and sports worlds running this unique service to help you and keep our brains lively.

Research from the University of Texas (Aug 2011) found that older people are more adept at strategic decisions which take the future into account than younger people. Decision-making ability doesn’t decline with age (60-80). On the contrary, the more experience of life and challenges, the better you are at them!

After years of work in many and varied fields, we have learned skills in solving problems, decision making, team building, motivation, performing, writing in all genres, approaching people/situations and brick-wall tackling.

Sometimes the solution to a problem lies in your mind already, it just needs bringing out.

An idea needs a nudge, people need to be brought together, writing needs to be done, presentations made, documents edited, events set in motion, publicity planned in local media and on line, people briefed and records correctly kept.
Your staff might need specialised training that is outside your field, including spelling, punctuation and grammar or spoken presentation..
You might need a starting point for a vision, a project or a dream.

Lift the Box lid and see the light!

David Porter, former Member of Parliament, English and drama teacher and head of Performing Arts in secondary education, political organiser, experience in public speaking/performing, writing on line and off, editing, trouble shooting and examining/assessing.


New: My old school, Lowestoft Grammar School, now Ormiston Denes Academy have an alumni page where I wrote about my school memories. My autobiography is planned for publication in 2015.


Hairspray (Lowestoft Players’ version)

Hairspray is all about BIG hair and lots of hairspray!

Hairspray is all about BIG hair and lots of hairspray!

Hairspray review of Lowestoft players’ show at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft in June 2017, published in the Lowestoft Journal, 9 June 2017 and also the Eastern Daily Press.

Hairspray is one of those unlikely stories that became a big hit on film and stage. And big is the word.

Lowestoft Players take the tale of oversize love triumphant in the cut-and-thrust of showbiz TV in early 1960s racially segregated USA and give it their special high energy, fun-packed treatment.

Pace never slackens. Songs hit one after the other, with familiar Good Morning Baltimore, Nicest Kids in Town, I Can Hear the Bells and the standout I Know Where I’ve Been keeping everybody’s feet tapping.

Cool choreography, smart direction, verbal and physical gags, rousing singing and a piece of social history with a message make a storming show that never takes itself too seriously.

Bethany Lewis as the large Tracy Turnblad is knockout and supported by a superb cast of characters, cameos, amusing faces, bodies, costumes and quirks that make for a feast of a night out.


PS: Only once I’d written and published it did I notice how similar it is to my own review of a different company production of Hairspray in Norwich 2014! Oh well.


See How They Run

See How They Run is a farce by Open Space Theatre company, performed at the Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft, April 2017. Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 24 April 2017 To stage a classic, traditional, fast-paced, highly energetic romping farce well is a challenge for any theatre company. Open Space proved themselves more than up to it when they brought ‘See How They Run’ to Lowestoft’s Seagull Theatre on their latest regional tour. The company has created a richly varied back catalogue of productions from Chekhov and Ibsen to Alan Bennett and now this old Philip King favourite from wartime Britain, gently mocking and reminding us of changed times and long-gone social mores. Director David Green has a knack for … Read entire article »

Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone at East Point Academy, Lowestoft Bugsy Malone is one of those marvellous creations – a piece of fun-filled, light-hearted, joyful nonsense that’s stood the test of time (it was first around as a film in 1976) and is accessible to all ages. In the hands of the production team led by the indomitable Jo Gilbert, East Point Academy did a wonderful job in bringing sheer entertainment to large and enthusiastic audiences. Set very loosely in the speakeasies and alleys of Prohibition-era Chicago, it revolves round rival gangsters, hoodlums, undesirables, loose women, death dealt by cream pies and splurge guns and a couple of incompetent cops. It packs some favourite songs, such as ‘My Name Is Tallulah’, ‘Tomorrow’, … Read entire article »

A Christmas Spectacular 2016

A Christmas Spectacular by the Lowestoft Players, in their Bethel Theatre Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 5th December 2016 and The Lowestoft Journal,  9 December 2016 Christmas, coming as it does ever earlier and ever more commercial, is likely to bring out the inner Scrooge in many of us. The Lowestoft Players’ annual spectacular seasonal variety show is the perfect antidote to that. There is something about the warm atmosphere of the Players’ Bethel theatre, lights, effects, magnificent costumes, superb singing, dancing and comedy routines – some new, some old and some new takes on old favourites – that is heart-warming and feel-good. Directed by Lauren Nevill and Polly Woodward, with choreography by Emily Fox and musical … Read entire article »

A Doll’s House

A Dolls’ House performed by Open Space Theatre group at the Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 21 November 2016 and The Lowestoft Journal, 25 November 2016 A Doll’s House, Ibsen’s dark classic drama, is less about a woman’s rights than her need to discover who she is without reference to men’s control and approval. The central character played by Cathy Gill in a performance that should be shown to acting students, leaves her husband, his ‘dolls’’ house and their children in what was in the 1870s, deeply shocking. She does this after the consequences of her own lies to cover up an intended good act begin to emerge with devastating effect and more potently, … Read entire article »


Dracula presented by the Old Time Radio Club at the Seagull Theatre,  Lowestoft Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 1 November 2016 and The Lowestoft Journal, 4 November 2016 Dracula was an ideal spooky yarn to mark both the Hallowe’en season and the Old Time Radio Club’s return to the Seagull Theatre. Bram Stoker’s enduring Dracula was presented as in an old time classic radio studio style with live musical accompaniment from the show’s producer, Richard Ainslie. The set was an interesting studio layout by Lilla Read and Harry Cooke. David Higgins made all the sound effects live and Richard Melchior wrote and took part in the compelling story. The other performers were Chris Whiting, Lee Jackson, Becca Martin, … Read entire article »

Hay Fever

Hay Fever performed by Yakety Yak Theatre, at the Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 31 October 2016 and The Lowestoft Journal, 4 November 2016 Hay Fever is the Noel Coward play he himself described as difficult to act with no plot and remarkably little action. However, Yakety Yak successfully transform heavy stylised comedy that is rooted in the 1920s into a timeless gem. Set in the bohemian house of the Bliss family, each has invited a guest for the weekend without telling the others. They proceed to humiliate and generally confuse their visitors while playing startling mind games. Agnes Lillis is the magnificent mother, a retired actress who has yet to give up over-acting and histrionics. … Read entire article »

Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde and Nerve, two one act plays performed by Reverend Theatre Productions at the Bungay Fisher Theatre This review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 15 October 2016 Jekyll & Hyde, the much-loved classic gothic horror tale from the pen of Robert Louis Stevenson, has long been a rich source of dramatic ideas from the dark side of the human soul. In this contemporary take on madness and pressure, Reverend Theatre brought to life four characters (a surgeon, her new neighbour, her brother and his carer) experiencing the consequences of sexuality, claustrophobic space and the unbearable pain of one slowly dying from motor neurone disease. After Jekyll & Hyde the same performers presented another short play, Nerve, … Read entire article »

Slyghtly Hystorical

Slyghtly Hystorical presented by Charmed Life at the Fisher Theatre, Bungay Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 28 September 2016 ‘Slyghtly Hystorical’ was the clever comedic, theatrical, fun nonsense staged by Charmed Life Productions to mark 10 years of Bungay’s reborn Fisher Theatre. It’s an achievement well celebrated in play that raised a host of historical people with connections to this ‘fine town of renown’ who left their footprints on Bungay. Tim Hall played David Fisher, the impresario out of his depth trying to stage ‘Hamlet’. Dawn Briggs was an earthy Boudicca, Josh Gould portrayed martyred King Edmund and a lofty Ethel Mann while Sarah Curtis was Eliza Bonhote and the Buttercross’s justice statue. Lawrie Hammond was a swashbuckling … Read entire article »


Spamalot by the Lowestoft Players at the Bethel Theatre, Lowestoft Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 12 September 2016 and The Lowestoft Journal, 16 September 2016 Spamalot, ‘lovingly ripped off’ from the ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ movie, is a joyful feast of fun, surreal madness, random allusions from history, politics, literature, in a knock-out panto-cum-musical. Lowestoft Players, in the run-up to their 50th anniversary, create a stunning evening out with brilliant costumes, terrific music, exquisite choreography, quality singing, professional standard direction/production and outstanding performances. It seems unfair in such an ensemble of monks, minstrels, guards and girls of the lake to single out individuals, but Chris Darnell as King Arthur perfectly catches the buffoonery while Beth Lewis … Read entire article »