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Peddling at the High Tide Festival, The Cut, Halesworth Review commissioned by Eastern Daily Press, but not published by them through their administrative oversight! April 2014. Remarkable drama sets tone for national festival Halesworth’s High Tide Festival with its reputation for new, experimental and unexpected work is in its 8th year and running till 19th April. Only able to catch one from a tempting catalogue of new, homegrown and visiting acts, Peddling came up for review in an afternoon showing. An inspired choice as it turned out. Steven Atkinson, co-founder of High Tide and child actor Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter movies, wrote and performed this remarkable drama about a young offender peddling household goods door to door in London. He wakes in some sordid field and journeys back from a ‘long list of yesterdays as … Read entire article »

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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs

Mike Daisey at The Cut, Halesworth Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 8 May 2012. The prestigious High Tide Festival attracted US performer Mike Daisey to Halesworth. It was a scoop. His one man, stand-up (sitting down) comedy monologue about Steve Jobs and Apple has been contentious everywhere. The late Jobs was creator, inventor and cultural icon, genius behind Apple-Mac’s business and technology phenomenon. From garage inventions to mega-business power plays with anecdotes about the evolution of devices, this was a tale for our times. A large desk-bound Daisey sat for two hours as he animated Jobs’ biography. Voices, faces and events flowed in this masterclass of agit-prop political humour appealing to Apple or Microsoft fans, technophobes or geeks. ‘Power-point presentations’ was side-splittingly funny. The account of China’s Shenzhen Foxconn factory which makes Apples’ … Read entire article »

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A Dulditch Angel

Eastern Angles Theatre Company at The Cut, Halesworth Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 29 September 2005 A Dulditch Angel The latest show by Eastern Angles has been launched on its tour of venues across our region. And a gripping tour-de-force it is. Five talented and versatile cast weave the fabric of a rural community struggling, loving, marrying and dying. Told from the stories of Mary Mann, it is set as the 19th century gives way to the 20th. However, the performance style gives it a timeless, haunting resonance with all English life. Few may have heard of Mary Mann – but one of her stories of love between a gamekeeper and an educated woman was pilfered by DH Lawrence and became Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Eastern Angles are doing a service bringing these darkly humorous tales … Read entire article »

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Black Shuck

Oskar Foxtrot Theatre at The Cut, Halesworth Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 21 July 2005 Black Shuck The premiere of an East Anglian musical is both a rare and agreeable delight. This is a fascinating piece, part ghost story, part mix of local folklore and history, cunningly wrapped in a variety of new ideas. Giving a new lease of life to the old shaggy dog story of Black Shuck, writer Andy Durham, lyricist Phil Corbett and composer Sarah Corbett have devised both entertainment and food for thought. Was it just a demon dog, a devil hound who terrorised people 400 years ago? Or a cover for smugglers to keep away the over-curious? Or even a modern parable of fear, retribution and punishment? It’s all that and more. The deepening of the evil in the … Read entire article »

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