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Latitude Poetry Club

Norwich Arts Centre Review written for Eastern Daily Press, not used Performance poetry is a neglected art form that is staging something of a comeback. It draws heavily on stand-up comedy, making this stand-up poetry. Three ‘now’ poets performed observational verse, rhyming and blank, as commentary on life, love, the universe and, well, everything, really. Luke Wright hosted another installment of his Latitude Poetry Club with keenly observed pieces on touring gigs as holidays, the Essex phantom lion, his paunch and his dream woman. Andy Bennett changed tempo with pieces on the consequences of alcohol, Guy Fawkes, Parliament, the ‘mask of apathy’ and the lost, early morning young man going home. His style was more political, finger-wagging, folk poetry. Byron Vincent claimed ‘not to be clever enough to be a poet, not funny enough to be … Read entire article »

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Unfinished Masterpieces Can Be As Compelling As the Originals

Works of art are often left incomplete through war or artists’ death. Some are finished by other people; but most are made interesting by being abandoned.   On the April 2011 publication of David Foster Wallace’s novel, The Pale King, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst wondered in Britain’s Sunday Times at the attraction of unfinished works. ‘You don’t buy a jacket with one arm, so why seek out what amounts to a creative stump or narrative doodle?’ Wallace’s book came from 200 pages left stacked on his desk when he committed suicide in 2008, intertwined with fragments from his bin. For many readers, it’s a suicide note revealing the man’s state of mind. Douglas-Fairhurst also cited Henry James’ short story The Middle Years about a novelist on his deathbed dreaming of the stories he might … Read entire article »

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