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Old Boy (and Girl) Networks Still Make the World Go Round

Computer and social networks are now integral to daily lives, but “who knows who” still opens doors, influences, controls, decides and shapes business. Networks in business, politics, the social world did not arrive with the internet age. The old, historical, personal and informal networks are what still create jobs, wealth, governments. From royal families and medieval knights & trades guilds, like-minded men in early politics and political clubs, certain schools, the military, the church, the law, the criminal fraternity, select businesses, private clubs & organisations, older universities, the world is an overlapping matrix of networks. These are also known as nods & winks, understandings, accommodations, handshakes, relatives, mafias, cartels, brother/sisterhoods, hierarchies, alliances and secrets. Networks Serve Small Elites In Britain, a particular expression, … Read entire article »

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