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Grumpy Old Shopper 6 – ‘Management’

An article by Graham Ruddick about the state of the Tesco empire in the Sunday Telegraph business pages of 30 September 2012 began with the paragraph: ‘Philip Clarke, the chief executive of Tesco, is walking around one of the supermarket group’s stores in Essex with his UK management team.’ And that sums up what is wrong with Tesco these days and why they are unlikely to return to the high-power success they enjoyed for so long. CEO walking round the store: brilliant. With his management team: pointless. I Offered to Walk Him Round A few weeks ago I wrote to Philip Clarke and offered to walk round my local store with him, unannounced. I did this more in sorrow than anger, as I have had a soft spot for the retailing giant for a long … Read entire article »

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