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Universities of Tomorrow May be Entirely in Cyberspace

As higher education costs rocket, technology advances apace, everybody could soon get a degree online from home. But it would mean a major cultural shift. All economies under stress, as most of the world’s are in 2010, look to reduce expenditure and raise revenue. Universities have long ceased to be ivory towers, above such grubby concerns. As debate polarises around student fees/debt, quality and range of degree curricula, and young adults decide for financial/debt reasons, not to go away for 3 or so years, it’s time to wonder if future universities are almost entirely on-line, but harnessing an old idea. Correspondence Courses: An Idea That Worked Correspondence courses are old fashioned. They have been around, in Britain certainly, for over 200 years and were a means for people to improve their minds, gain … Read entire article »

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