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Conspiracy Theories and Computers Are Natural Bedfellows

From ‘The World Is Being Invaded By Computers’ to “The Greatest Invention of the 20th Century’, views are polarized about everything to do with technology. By the end of 2010, in tandem with computer technology evolution, advances in the information-age and increasing disenfranchisement many individuals felt, WikiLeaks arose. Global, new media and non-profit making, it released millions of documents acquired from anonymous and leaked sources. Is All Information Valid in the ‘Information Age’? This publishing of secret, confidential, controversial and embarrassing files from inter and intra-governmental communications, horrified administrations and their agencies and possibly compromised security, but fed the appetite for disclosure that the internet and social networking birthed. The founder of the platform, Julian Assange, was wanted in a number of nations on a variety of charges, as people and officials responded in … Read entire article »

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