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Post-Democracy and Post-Modernism: What Comes Next?

With widespread disillusion in the west about politics & politicians, local & national democracy, tax & spend, is the end in sight for the current system? ‘Post-democracy’ has come in the past decade to describe governance which subscribes to democratic rule, but where power and application have become progressively limited, concentrated in the hands of elite government officials, police, civil servants, bankers or media-brokers, most of whom are indifferent to public opinion, determine their own salaries and pensions and are separated from those they ‘serve’. Different Commentators, Varied Views British commentator, Peter Oborne, believes current political disenchantment is a postmodern design of agendas and programmes that deny ‘independent reality, where truth gives way to mere credibility, a narrative is created for events and claims of acting in good faith within rules that allow … Read entire article »

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