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Advertising, Television, Web and Film Are the Entertainment Now

As social media, the web and television become interlinked, advertising/shopping/retailing looks set to be the cement that holds it all together. This first published on Suite 101, 31 October 2011 Research studies, commentators and various net and commercial pundits are busy jumping on bandwagons as the advertising industry ensures its prosperity in all media. Advertising, love it or hate it, is going to get ever more intrusive as technology evolves. Brand Loyalty Since 2010 in the UK, it’s been legal to place products within both television shows and films. This goes way beyond mere sponsorship and focusses on simple messages: this hero drinks this particular beverage; that attractive girl is into those named shoes. Now, with simple technology and high motivation, media and advertising are teaming up to retro-fit products into programmes and movies … Read entire article »

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