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Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone
at East Point Academy, Lowestoft

Bugsy Malone is one of those marvellous creations – a piece of fun-filled, light-hearted, joyful nonsense that’s stood the test of time (it was first around as a film in 1976) and is accessible to all ages.

In the hands of the production team led by the indomitable Jo Gilbert, East Point Academy did a wonderful job in bringing sheer entertainment to large and enthusiastic audiences.

Set very loosely in the speakeasies and alleys of Prohibition-era Chicago, it revolves round rival gangsters, hoodlums, undesirables, loose women, death dealt by cream pies and splurge guns and a couple of incompetent cops.

It packs some favourite songs, such as ‘My Name Is Tallulah’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘So You Wanna Be a Boxer’, ‘Down and Out’, ‘Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’ and the title number, ‘Bugsy Malone’ back by a cool band, led by Rebecca George, from Langley School.

The principals – Bugsy (Charlie Read), Blousey Brown (Erin Halliday), Fat Sam, (Jacob Clarke), Tallulah (Alisha Giles) – were funny, talented and generated infectious enjoyment of the show excellently supported by a zany crowd of extras and minor parts.

A show of this gently satirical kind needs pace and high energy, and that these youngsters had in abundance. A thoroughly refreshing night out all

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