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Dracula is Bram Stoker's most famous work. Notice he was cremated, not buried!

Dracula is Bram Stoker’s most famous work. Notice he was cremated, not buried!

presented by the Old Time Radio Club
at the Seagull Theatre,  Lowestoft

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 1 November 2016 and The Lowestoft Journal, 4 November 2016

Dracula was an ideal spooky yarn to mark both the Hallowe’en season and the Old Time Radio Club’s return to the Seagull Theatre.

Bram Stoker’s enduring Dracula was presented as in an old time classic radio studio style with live musical accompaniment from the show’s producer, Richard Ainslie.

The set was an interesting studio layout by Lilla Read and Harry Cooke. David Higgins made all the sound effects live and Richard Melchior wrote and took part in the compelling story.

The other performers were Chris Whiting, Lee Jackson, Becca Martin, Erin Girling, Thom Bailey and David Emerson who shared the characters with cleverly articulated voices.

The audience was invited to shut the eyes and just listen, as to a radio, but the interactions, the movement to and fro the microphones and the facial expressions were an irresistible part of the whole compelling experience.

Humour came from some authentic-sounding early radio sponsor adverts and the Dracula vault was opened in an unusual way – you could almost taste the blood and feel the stakes going in.


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