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Habeas Corpus

Alan Bennett in 1973, the year he wrote Habeas Corpus

Alan Bennett in 1973, the year he wrote Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus
by the Open Space Theatre Company at the Seagull Theatre Lowestoft

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 9 May 2016

Habeas Corpus – a legal term meaning ‘have the body’ – is a classic farce from the pen of master writer Alan Bennett with a dash of absurdism, clever and witty word plays and some social comment on the 1960s thrown in.

Norfolk/Suffolk touring ensemble Open Space bring the formula to life and laughs as the randy, aging doctor (Peter Sowerbutts in fine world-weary, cynical form) attempts to seduce an attractive young patient (Samantha McAtear) while keeping it from his frustrated wife (Yves Green), no slouch herself in the hanky-panky stakes.

There is a stage full of absurdist characters – hypochondriac son (Jake Kubala), a pompous, sex obsessed rival doctor (Simon Evans), a flat-chested spinster (Eleanor Marshall) who buys false breasts and a salesman sent to test them (Bob Good).

A sex-mad vicar (Tim Hall); a stereotypical upper-class lady with a past (Annie McClarnon) a house cleaner as the chorus-commentator (Pat Parris) and a sad depressive (Alan Huckle) who is trying to hang himself, complete the splendid cast.

David Green directs excellent summer fun for the light evenings.

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