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Voice Project Choir, Norwich Cathedral

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 16 December 2013

A nocturne is a picture evoking the night, lyrical, dreamy music. Ten songs from the Voice Project Choir filled the Cathedral’s chapels, cloisters and nave, evoking every emotion in the human heart.

It was a promenade concert, the audience subtly guided by the call of a new piece in the near distance to move on to a fresh experience. Cloaked singers with candles lined the way, sustaining a haunting, repeated motif.

Sharon Durrant, Rebecca Askew, Sian Croose, Helen Chadwick, Katherine Zerserson, Dave Camlin and Jon Baker, who also wrote much of the music, led, took solos and the intimate harmonies.

In the opening chamber they were scattered among the audience, making us part of the performance, sharing the night of memories, prayers, inner silence, joy and nature that followed.

Spooky shadows from dark, cold corners contrasted with warm, creative light patterns completing winter’s sensual atmosphere.

This 100-voice choir are amazing, creating such soaring harmonies, so many variations of the most versatile instrument of all, the voice. Conductor Sian Croose is outstanding, creative, magnificent.

She has raised expectations for their summer work to an all-time high.

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