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Raymond Froggatt

Raymond Froggatt at Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 7 September 2013


Froggie welcomed back by adoring fans

Feeling like a party crasher, I arrived at the Maddermarket with dozens of avid ‘Froggies’.

These are his followers who take ‘fanatic’ to extremes, following him around Britain for gigs. He is on first name terms with half his audience, almost embracing them in mutual admiration if not sheer love.

This review is as much about the phenomenon as his concert. Froggart is a singer-songwriter who’s been part of the music scene for decades. He reprised many hits he wrote for stars such as Cliff Richard, Dave Clark Five, Gladys Knight and Daniel O’Donnell.

Other songs from his extensive and original catalogue ranged from extended ballads to upbeat clap-alongs. His unique voice, humour and emotion were complimented by his relaxed, polished, mature band.

His themes encompass life’s ups and downs, love, time, success, teaching children and above all, growing old. Froggatt is a consummate performer playing the nostalgia cards, a tribute band to himself, but speaking to today on how we who are older have survived.

Even cramped in the gallery on the last available seat, I was converted. Can’t wait for his return.

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