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Swimming With Sharks

Swimming With Sharks
Seagull Theatre Rep Company, Lowestoft


The movie business is about illusion and self, ‘money, girls, power.’ This play from the George Huang 1994 film rips the rosy spectacles off Tinseltown, where everybody has a story, everybody pays a price in personal terms. They’re all sharks in that pool.

The young, innocent Guy, (Ricky Reeve), arrives in the office of the mogul (John Hales at his theatrical best, who also directed) and starts learning the realities of Hollywood immediately and painfully.

Milly Finch as the ambitious producer who dares to hope Guy is different gives a well-judged interpretation. Principals are ably supported by Alan Bolton, Richard Boakes, Patrick Pilgrim, Ryan Hammond, Rosie and Lily Vincent – an inspired mix of old hands and new faces.

Rich with comedy and throw away truths, the second half turns decidedly darker. It’s a lesson in how the film business is different, yet so much part of all our lives. ‘All my favourite memories are movies’, says Guy as his devious plans are outmaneuvered by true, cruel masters of power.

A must-see happening, if quite lengthy.

Review written for the Eastern Daily Press following performance on 10 April 2013, but they didn’t carry it, despite commissioning it.

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