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The Verdict

Bungay Theatre Group at the Fisher Theatre, Bungay

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 23 November 2012

Queen of Crime Agatha Christie wrote Bungay Theatre Group’s latest venture as a play, not novel or story, because its compelling narrative translates well on stage.

Set in a 1950s Bloomsbury flat, it’s a journey through personal tensions, despair and hope. It’s taut, clever writing, described by some as close to melodrama.

It’s a who-dunnit without the who. We know that a spoilt student (lively Jessica Delf) over administers medicine to the wheelchair-bound, cantankerous wife (Janet Wright) of the weak professor (John Sauverin) she is infatuated with.

It’s a thriller-mystery but more about characters and ageing, love and marriage, with side commentary on ‘foreigners’. Directed by Emily Delf and Stephen Went who both take roles, it carefully builds plot twists, allowing characters to reveal their flaws and omissions.

Peter Goodfellow is the well-meaning doctor; Jenny Cooper a formidable ‘household help’; Stephen Doyle is a convincingly suspicious policeman and Bungay Mayor Terry Reeve is the rich girl’s indulgent father.

By chance I saw the dress rehearsal. If you catch this before the run ends tomorrow, you should be in for a treat.

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