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GCSE: The Musical

Mini Mouth Youth Theatre
at The Cut, Halesworth

Abridged review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 12 December 2011

Full review published in the East Anglian Daily Times, 13 December 2011.

After NHS The Musical, and musicals about Titanic, Thalidomide and Ofsted, the time has surely come for one about the General Certificate of Secondary Education.

It comes in the form of an original piece written and directed by James Holloway, leader of the Mini Mouth Youth group at The Cut. The large open stage was a perfect setting for an energetic ensemble of thirty young to older teenagers.

This group are being trained in theatre techniques and performing arts in their own time, and it is a joy to see some success stories of tomorrow learning their craft today, and mastering the discipline needed to sing, dance and act.

Good choreography from Caroline Mummery and musical direction of a small but well formed band stage-side from Edith Peck added zest to a tale of rival pop bands forbidden from performing and competing till their GCSEs are over, wrapped up in lashings of teenage love, frustration and angst.

With some funny one-liners, mainly at the expense of teachers and youth, it happily mixed elements of Glee, Grease and High School Musical to create a piece of entertainment that was pure fun, both for themselves and the audience.

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