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Entertaining Angels

Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 7th December 2011.


There is always an excited first night buzz of anticipation at the Sewell Barn, as the audience climb up to share the most intimate stage in the region. Nobody was disappointed.

One one level it’s simply a well-crafted play. The widow of a village clergyman is struggling in the aftermath of his death, with her sister home from abroad, her daughter and the young woman who is to be the new vicar.

The humour from situation and character is spot on, the Bible and Christian references apt and telling. However, secrets unearthed, painful truths revealed, and the fact that she can still see and talk to her departed man, put it on a higher level altogether.

Mandy Kiley gives a stunning performance in the lead role as she drives the emotional roller-coaster with finesse, emotion and a dry, bitter-dark comedy. Ian Shephard catches the strangeness of being both dead and alive.

Ruth Howitt, Kiera Long and Rachel Miller are outstandingly strong supporting, effective and commanding players. They all make Entertaining Angels, set by director Mike Dunne perfectly in an extremely convincing garden, quite the best production at Sewell Barn of the season.

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