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Blog Writing Is A Different Art

I am a guest blogger on some of the blogs for MailBigFile, by way of feature articles about the world of cloud futures, technology, cyberspace and the world we live in through all that technology.

On their first anniversary, May 2012, they wrote: ‘A big thanks must go to David Porter, who has worked tirelessly on the blog these many months. His contributions to the blog have been nothing short of brilliant, with his posts being insightful, original and well-written. If you’re not already subscribed to the blog for Porter’s posts, he writes three pieces a week, then you really ought to be. They are typically posted on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.’

Sometimes the work for others caries links to the research I do, as in the one about virtual holidays, mentioned at Holidays from Home.

Increasingly businesses and individuals are finding they need not just a basic website to sell/promote themselves, but they need updated blogs, podcasts and SEO-friendly content. They need good quality regular feeds, updates and reaction to the fast moving cyber world. High quality content writing is what I am doing more and more for different clients, from education, to all kinds of business in the public and private sectors.

I can write blogs and/or feature articles or any other material you need online for your business. It can be anonymous – it’s called ghost writing. Or it can be done quite openly. Your choice. Get in touch. Just ask.

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