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The Voice Project

The Voice Project

Norwich Cathedral, part of Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2010

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 24 May 2010

The Festival curtain fell with another world premiere and a bang, the brilliant DJ sampler Jan Bang. Blending found-sounds and created, musical and unearthly, he mixed technology with sublime massed human voices of the Voice Project Choir and the musical brilliance of trumpeter, conductor, singer Arve Henriksen.

In the first half, scripture, 16th century poetry and contemporary verse were given the Voice Project interpretation. After the break, Recording Angel was the new work that will sit in the canon of 21st century repertoire.

To describe it is to delve deep into the lexicon of praise. Simultaneously experimental, traditional, a fusion of genres from choral chant and Biblical text, to poignant, touching-heaven emotions, it was conducted by the inspired Sian Croose, leading the most versatile instrument, the human voice.

Soprano Sianed Jones, alto Rebecca Askew, tenor Jeremy Avis and UEA graduate Jonathan Baker, bass, brought virtuoso singing that blended not only together, but with the extraordinary harmony of magnified sounds, a guitar and creative percussion at one point.

In the soaring vaulted chamber of the Cathedral, the whole became a sensuous experience that touched the body’s inner core. It grew organically from all the ingredients to release emotion that will haunt listeners for ages to come.

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