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No Fit Circus

Earlham Park, Norwich

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 7 May 2008

No Fit Circus

The best way to enjoy this is to leave previous notions of circus at home. Be prepared to do different.

For a start, it’s a promenade event – yes, you walk about, enjoy it in different corners of a huge space tent-cum-big top.

There is never only one focus.

Stages appear between and above the scaffolding and pillars. Now a traverse between two performances, then suddenly the cross lines and edges come into play. Walking about to see a new item or get a better view seems natural.

A sense of fun, wackiness and self-parody flow from the mainly young cast. Yet the circus trapeze and balancing skills are impressive. More than novelty, we admire the dedication, precision and timing.

Fast-moving – a tightroper in high heels to bouncing between two giant trampolines hung sideways five metres up! It’s driven buy gentle directions and a decent band that laid down some funky grooves.

It’s brilliant. Cirque du Soleil meets Yarmouth Hippodrome via a 1960s’ happening.

The message is swamp – standing on the edge of the wilderness. But just enjoy orchestrated chaos.

You need to be fit enough to walk on uneven surfaces and stand for 90 minutes. But it’s worth it!

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