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I Want That Hair

Hull Truck Company at the Cut, Halesworth

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 3 April 2006

I Want That Hair

John Godber, now one of our most performed living playwrights, directed this bittersweet piece by Jane Thornton.

A cracking good job he made of it too. That they are married to each other is entirely coincidental I am sure.

Set in a hairdressing salon, it is a lively slice of life in crackling Hull Truck’s fast-paced comic style.

Two well matched staff – Bex and Heidi – fortysomethings, one older and brighter than the other, engage in daily banter and old jokes until, suddenly, the laughter dries up. The relationship fractures.

Talking, an occupational hazard in a hairdressers – is “more like psychiatry sometimes” and gradually we are drawn in. We care.

Yet the sting in the tail is life itself. We change. We grow old. We are disappointed, let down by people.

Even the running gag of phone calls in always being for the fancy new salon across the road palls.

It is a rivetting evening, with that vital ingredient – comedy with an edge, levity with the truth and characters who are all too familiar.

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