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Axis of Evil

The Playhouse, Norwich

Review published in the Eastern Daily Press, 22 December 2008

Axis of Evil

Take three students – a pair of Brits (Tom Butterworth and Andy Bennett) and a Yank (Will Averill), plus hours dossing about in student squalor watching films and TV, together with a bunch of willing friends and a host of whacky, anarchic comedy ideas and we have Axis of Evil Productions.

The Coalition – Tales of the Uninvited was their latest instalment of a couple of episodes of a continuous staged soap opera.

Episode 9: Attack of the Yank’s Kid Sister and Episode 10: Horsemen of the Multipocolypse were served up, drawing freely on – and making fun of – Star Wars.

Other influences, ranging from The Goodies, Benny Hill, The Young Ones to Punk’d, were clearly visible as some very funny¬† lines dropped like debris from their kamikaze approach to physical, comedy theatre.

They also showed a film shot around Norwich – The Tominator, which was a very effective spoof of Arnie Schwarzenegger and the whole genre of futuristic stories.

Some social issues were touched upon – the environment and the economy – and a wide knowledge of movies and current affairs helped to make some sense of this style of amusing sarcasm.

They have built up quite a local following and are admired for their refreshing approach to traditions and conventions. They will be back.

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