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Blood Brothers

Great Hall Theatre Company at the Assembly House, Norwich

Review published in Eastern Daily Press, 25 March 2009

Blood Brothers

Yes, it’s Blood Brothers, the story of twins separated at birth, in love with the same girl, by Willy Russell.

Yes, it’s the Great Hall Theatre Company performing in the round.

No, it’s not the musical version in its long-running West End guise; but it’s very good all the same.

It rattles along at a cracking pace, partly through the narrative and tight writing, but equally by the direction from Vic Young, using the arena staging to real effect.

Debbie Dance creates the mother, Mrs Johnstone, who gives away one twin, with a convincing, moving emotion mixed with Liverpudlian earthy humour.

The twins, Myles Hague and Tom Girvin, are superbly cast, with their different upbringings highlighted well.

They convey the gradual realisation of why they are drawn to each other with perfection.

A small supporting cast reinforces the action and helps tell the tale that resonates with anyone who has wondered about nature and nurture, breeding and destiny.

Beth Davies is the shared love interest and Liz Patient the unstable other mother. Both are strong.

Dark comedy is never far from the surface and is rich among the social commentary.

The final tragedy of human jealousy plays to its inevitable climax. It’s a quality night all round.

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