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Redemption: The Greatest Story Ever Told Again and Again

One work of redemptive literature, ‘A Christmas Carol’, has inspired more interpretations and reinventions than almost any other in the English language. In Christian belief, people can be saved by Christ the Redeemer. This concept of being saved, given freedom from something that binds, has inspired more literature and film than almost any other theme. Redemption means, variously, freeing from bondage, atonement, reclamation, reparation, restitution, propitiation and salvation. It implies a freedom from some restriction; although physical, financial, mental and personality limitations are natural in life. From the ancient world, a redeemer paid a price or ransom for somebody. That in Christianity is the redeeming work of God through Jesus Christ, to pay the blood price/atone for man’s sin and set him free from its bonds. This new situation was a restoration of … Read entire article »

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