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Euronext Market Data Distribution Agreement

Euronext, the pan-European stock exchange, has announced its plans to offer a new market data service to clients through a distribution agreement. The Euronext market data distribution agreement will give clients access to in-depth market information and analytics tools.

This agreement is designed to provide clients with a range of data products, including real-time data feeds, reference data, and historical data. The data feeds will cover all Euronext listed securities, including equities, bonds, derivatives, and commodities. The reference data will include corporate actions such as dividends and stock splits, as well as historical data going back several years.

The new market data service will be delivered through a partnership with several data vendors, including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, and FactSet. These vendors will integrate Euronext`s data feeds into their existing platforms and offer clients a seamless experience.

One of the key benefits of this agreement is that clients will have access to a larger pool of data that can be used to create more comprehensive analytics and reporting. This could be particularly useful for asset managers and hedge funds who need to make quick decisions based on market trends.

The Euronext market data distribution agreement is also expected to bring down the cost of data for clients. By partnering with several data vendors, Euronext will be able to offer competitive pricing, even on its most niche data sets.

Overall, the Euronext market data distribution agreement is a positive development for investors and traders who rely on reliable market data to make informed decisions. By expanding its data offering, Euronext is positioning itself as a leader in the market data space and providing clients with the tools they need to succeed.

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